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Sigma Alpha Pajamas, Towels & Robes

You've spent hours at school and probably just as much time tending to your garden. Head back to your dorm room and relax in Sigma Alpha Pajamas, Towels & Robes from Greek Gear.

One of the best moments of the day is when you finally get to go home to your residence hall and relax after hours spent in lecture halls and libraries. Take your pick for what you want to wear in your down time: a pair of green Flannel Plaid Pant Pajamas with a gold tank top, or a Greek Letter Bathrobe. In both cases, you'll be in complete comfort as you settle in for a night of studying.

Even if you already had a stack of towels at your dorm, add just one more: the Love Bath and Beach Towel from Greek Gear. It's a huge green and gold towel that's literally covered with love and plenty of hearts. Use the free line of personalized text to make it all yours. Enter something like "Women Excelling" or the "The Girl with the Green Thumb."

We can help make your precious moments in the comfort of your dorm even more special by sending you quality Sigma Alpha Pajamas, Towels & Robes. More options are available under the "Shop Now" link.