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Sigma Chi T-Shirts & Shirts

Sigma Chi T-Shirts & Shirts

You've got so much going on this year at school, including recruitment activities, parties and Greek competitions. Be prepared for anything that comes up with Sigma Chi T-Shirts from Greek Gear.

No matter how many frat tees you already have in your bureau of drawers, there's always room for just one more. Or maybe 10 more. When you see the price of the World Famous Crest Tees (just 10 bucks in white, a few dollars more for additional colors), you'll probably want to fill your cart up immediately. There's also a long-sleeved shirt with a similar design for just $15.

For a fun, full-color tee, request the Whale Flag T-Shirt (also available for just $10). A happy blue and old gold colored whale sails across your chest above your fraternity name and establishment year of 1855. If you're the surfer dude in your chapter, we've got a special shirt for you too. Click the Sigma Chi Surf Co Shirts link to order a surfer's tee made for fraternity guys in white, gold, royal blue or light blue.

Are you ready for the semester ahead? Order enough Sigma Chi T-Shirts to keep you and your entire chapter covered no matter what you have planned.