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Sigma Delta Tau Sweatshirts

Sigma Delta Tau Sweatshirts

When you put on one of these Sigma Delta Tau Sweatshirts or Hoodies right before a study session, it means you're ready to get down to business. Make one of them your "lucky" shirt for final exam week.

"I have too many sweatshirts," said no college student ever. The fuller your closet is with sorority sweatshirts this fall season at school, the better. When you have an oversized hoodie on like the Crest Emblem Hooded Sweatshirt, it doesn't matter what you have on underneath it. It doesn't even matter if you skipped a shower that morning. It's the ultimate in comfort in even the most uncomfortable of situations.

The Reese Raglan Hood is designed like a heavy weight hoodie but it's light enough to wear on a brisk day in the early spring. The torso and hood is one color; the sleeves another. Keep your cellphone and ID wallet in the front pocket so that you can grab them both quickly. This popular new hoodie is available in jade, seafoam and a few other colors.

Picture yourself in one or more of these Sigma Delta Tau Sweatshirts at school. They'll definitely come in handy on more than one occasion during the many weeks and hours you spend studying, planning and hanging out with your sisters.