Sigma Delta Tau Sale Items

When you want new sorority paraphernalia, there's no need to grab your keys and leave your dorm room for a shopping trip downtown. Just grab your smartphone or iPad and pick up a bunch of new gear from this selection of Sigma Delta Tau Closeouts and Sale Items.

Wear the Love Mascot T-Shirt, along with your other chapter members, on school days when your sorority is hosting an event or party. It's a way to let the campus know that something big is happening that day. The "O" in "Love" has been replaced with an image of a starry torch for Sigma Delta Tau.

If you want something practical that you can use just about every day, order a Custom Satin Stitch Tote Bag to use as your school bag. It is sized just right to hold a few books, supplies and even a sweatshirt in case it gets cold in your lecture halls. At around $20, it's a deal on lettered gear that you'll find hard to pass on.

Catch a great deal on Sigma Delta Tau paraphernalia when you order Closeouts and Sale Items from Greek Gear. Shop from the convenience and comfort of your bed and have your order delivered to your college campus!