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Sigma Gamma Rho Pins & Magnets

Live your Greek life to the fullest while you're away at school and gather as much paraphernalia as you can -- no matter how small. It will be an easy decision adding Sigma Gamma Rho Buttons, Pins and Magnets to your shopping bag today.

How much do you love being an SGRho member? How about 110 percent? We sell a button that makes that exact declaration in royal blue letters with a gold colored background. The It's Hot Button reaffirms just how amazing your sorority is -- you can wear it at parties when you're trying out the latest stroll with your sorors. There's also a Mascot Button that's imprinted with an image of a pretty poodle.

You can get all three of the aforementioned buttons in the Sorority Buttons 6-Pack. This is a great value if you're shopping for a group of neos and want to give each of them something different. Add a Sweet Home Ceramic Magnet to each of their gift packs and have them personalized with their nicknames and numbers.

Express your love for your sorority with Sigma Gamma Rho Buttons, Pins and Magnets from Greek Gear. We have more SGRho gear including t-shirts, car merchandise and paddles -- just click through the main menu.