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Sigma Kappa Stickers & Decals

Let Greek Gear be your destination of choice when you're on the hunt for reasonably priced para. We have more than a few products for you to choose from, including this diverse assortment of Sigma Kappa Stickers and Decals.

Which of the Sigma Kappa symbols do you like the most? If it's the dove or the heart, we have a sticker for both of those. Open the Mascot Sticker page to view the detail page for either image, and select the one you prefer. For around $5, why not get both? If you want a more distinguished looking sticker, buy a Crest Decal, which features the full SK crest in maroon with lavender Greek letters at the bottom.

The Floral Greek Monogram Sticker is an outline of your letters that's filled with pretty maroon and lavender flowers -- perfect for a notebook. If you're the type of person who likes to have plenty of choices, pick up a Multi Greek Decal Sheet, which provides over 10 different sticker options. There long ones, short ones and decals in a wide variety of fonts.

When you receive your Sigma Kappa Stickers and Decals in the mail, you'll be tempted to use them right away. So the sooner you place your order, the better!