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Sigma Phi Epsilon T-Shirts & Shirts

Sigma Phi Epsilon T-Shirts & Shirts

It's no wonder that t-shirts are so popular -- they're convenient, comfortable and can be worn both day and night. These Sigma Phi Epsilon T-Shirts are even more popular because you get to show off your fraternity pride.
The great thing about a good t-shirt is that you can wear it pretty much everywhere -- to class, to the gym and to parties -- with complete confidence and comfort. You can get it really dirty playing sports with your friends, toss it in the wash and throw it right on again the next day. You can even get away with wearing it to bed after a long night of studying.
The Sewn Lettered T-Shirt is your classic everyday frat shirt for school and fun times. The Vintage Greek Line tee is a traditional gift given to brand new initiates. Looking for an affordable tee that you can wear to bed as a pajama top? Get a Whale Flag T-Shirt for just 10 bucks, or a World Famous Crest Long Sleeve for just $15 to wear on chilly fall nights.
Get a box of Sigma Phi Epsilon T-Shirts from Greek Gear for this semester, and you probably won't have to go shopping again for wearable fraternity gear for a while.