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Sigma Pi Made Fast Items

Despite popular belief, everything doesn't have to be difficult. Shopping at Greek Gear is easy. Shop smarter, not harder by ordering your para from this selection of Sigma Pi Easy to Order - Made Fast Items. Be known as the best dressed Sigma Pi guy in your house by getting a few different items to wear from this page. First is the fraternity tie, which is covered with attractive purple and gold stripes. This tie will look amazing with a dark gray suit jacket. Next, get a jewelry lavaliere to wear on a silver or gold chain around your neck (the charm is available in silver and gold as well). Finally, pick up a pair of Color Crest Cuff links for the sleeves of your dress shirts. For casual fun with your chapter brothers, we have plenty of quick order tees that will fit your personal style. There's the Lettered Camouflage T-Shirt, which is perfect for adventures in the woods and parks near where you live. Wear it, along with plenty of bug repellant of course, and a pair of your favorite cargo shorts to hiking and camping trips. The Nation T-Shirt is ideal for sunny weekend barbecues at your house. Time flies when you're having fun, and when you're ordering Sigma Pi Easy to Order - Made Fast Items from Greek Gear. We make it easy to get the paraphernalia you want.