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Sigma Pi Holiday Gifts & Christmas Ornaments

There are two times of year that everyone looks forward to: the first day of spring and the holiday season! If you're getting into the swing of things toward the end of the fall semester, order Sigma Pi Holiday Gifts and Christmas Ornaments for decor and giving ideas. Some chapters want their Christmas trees to look very colorful, others want it to sparkle and shine. You have both options here -- for a colorful tree, order a set of Holiday Ball Ornaments. The front of this ornament has a bright purple, gold and white design with the simple message "Merry Christmas." Add the current year, 1897 (the year the fraternity was founded), or the year that your chapter was founded. For a sparkly presentation, get a Design Your Own Glass Ornament. As the glass twists and turns it catches the light giving a beautiful effect. You choose the clip art or text that you want to appear at the center of ornament. So for instance, you might add a Christmas tree with your letters at the bottom or "Season's Greetings." Jump into the holiday season properly by ordering Sigma Pi Holiday Gifts and Christmas Ornaments for your home away from home. Chances are good that we'll have a special deal or promotion available for your Christmas order.