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Sigma Pi Mugs, Cups & Glasses

Every time you take a sip of coffee or OJ in the AM, you'll be reminded of your Sigma Pi affiliation when you drink from our selection of Mugs, Cups and Glasses. They're made specifically for members of your organization. Missing your morning coffee isn't an option -- even if you're running behind schedule. If you're always on the run because of your busy schedule, get a Sigma Pi Travel Mug that you can quickly grab and fill in the morning. When you arrive at class and take a sip, you'll be happy to find out that the temperature is still just right. For a mug that you can use at home, get the Flag Ceramic Stein or classic coffee mug. The organization's official flag is stamped on the front above your name or an important statement like "quest for excellence." If you want a coffeehouse experience, get the Greek Bistro Mug. It comes in black, silver or white and can also be imprinted with a short message that means something to you, like your founding year. Be reminded of your fraternity membership in a small yet significant way with Sigma Pi Mugs, Cups and Glasses. We create them at and ship them directly to you or your recipient for immediate use.