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Big Sister Gifts

From Big-Little reveal to graduation, your Big-Little bond is as strong as your connection to your sorority. However, as a busy college student, you may not have a lot of time or resources to find the best gift for your new sister.

When you shop at Greek Gear, you can find exactly what you want for your Big sister with our gift baskets, clothing and other merchandise to show how much you care. We have gift ideas to suit your Big's tastes and your budget at the same time.

Cool Clothing for your Big Sister

Who wants to wear the same old T-shirts semester after semester? Treat your Big sister to a new sorority shirt, sweat or hoodie to stay cozy without sacrificing style. Look for customizable clothing to show your sorority's colors or letters to keep it classic, or go for a more modern T-shirt design that focuses on your Big-Little bond.

For something that feels more personal, shop for jewelry, including expandable bracelets, necklaces or rings that your Big will be proud to wear to your next sorority event. You may be surprised at how affordable and adorable our jewelry options are.

Think Outside the Big-Little Box

Greek Gear has creative gift ideas to put a smile on your Big or G Big's face. What about a sorority portfolio to take to job interviews or class? Add a heart-shaped pad of sticky notes and a set of pens or pencils with your Greek letters, and you have a practical and thoughtful gift for your Big.

If you don't have time to put together a gift on your own, choose from one of our Big sister gift basket sets, including one with decals and decorations for her car or a stationery set to dress up her desk?

Greek Gear has the best Big sorority gifts to make her happy to be your sorority mentor.