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Tau Delta Phi Mugs, Cups & Glasses

Do you really need a reason to add one of these Tau Delta Phi Mugs, Cups and Glasses to your shopping cart? They are affordable, in some cases customizable and give you a simple daily reminder of your fraternal affiliation.
Drinking your morning cup of coffee out of a flimsy red plastic cup is not the ideal choice -- get your very own personalized Tau Delt Coffee Mug instead. It's a white ceramic mug that we've imprinted with a full color replica of your fraternal crest. Take ownership of your mug by entering your first name, last name or both to the front as well. If you want to kick things up a notch, get the Glass Stein mug, which is clear and holds more liquid.
Speaking of glasses, we have a few here that would make memorable gifts for an older member or alum. There's an Old Style Glass, a Mixing Glass and an Engraved Mug that are all gently engraved with the fraternity's crest and letters.
If you order a box of Tau Delta Phi Mugs, Cups and Glasses today for your chapter, chances are you'll be covered for at least the next couple of semesters. Quantity discounts often apply for some popular items at checkout.