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Tau Delta Phi Stickers & Decals

Want to give an inexpensive yet special gift out on Bid Day or when new members are initiated? Just get plenty of Tau Delta Phi Stickers and Decals and distribute them to each person on your list. This is the best gift to give if you're a fellow college student on a tight budget but want to give your Tau Delt friend something meaningful.
Make the notebook or folder you carry to school less boring by adding a fraternity sticker to the cover. Our stickers are imprinted with your most important symbols and insignia, including letters in various fonts and the colorful fraternal crest.
If you don't feel that you have enough paraphernalia in your possession, rectify that by ordering an entire sheet of multiple Tau Delt stickers. You can affix them to your dresser drawer, mirror, desk, computer, smartphone or iPad cover. They also look great on the windows of your car or truck -- one sticker in particular is designed to go on the inside of the back window of a passenger vehicle.
You may be surprised at just how many Tau Delta Phi Stickers and Decals you can get for a small investment of about $50 or $100 thanks to our Greek Gear quantity discounts. Bookmark this page for updates, and contact the GG team via Live Help or email if you have questions.