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Tau Delta Phi Sale Items

Many of us were college students once too! We know that sometimes you wallet needs a break -- especially after spending hundreds on your college textbooks and course materials from the reprographics office. We have organized our Sale Items for Tau Delta Phi members in this one convenient section of our site.
You can get so much stuff for TDP members at such a great price when you order what you need right from this page. Take a quick browse down the page and you'll see some prices that stand out: $9.95 fraternity tees, $15 long sleeves and $30 crewnecks are just a few. You can pretty much put together your entire year's Tau Del wardrobe in one order and still have plenty of cash left to chip in for pizza with your roommates.
We're more than just shirts -- there's also an awesome World Famous Line Hat that you can order for under $20 (even cheaper when you and your chapter brothers order in quantity). You can get a navy hat with white lettering, a white hat with navy lettering or whatever color combination tickles your fancy. You can also add your name or a short personal motto to appear beneath your Greek letters.
You wallet will thank you when you pick fraternity merchandise from our listing of Tau Delta Phi Sale Items. More great items can also be found on the main menu.