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Tau Epsilon Phi Stickers & Decals

When you first become a member of a fraternity, you want to wear your letters and display them everywhere. That's why these Tau Epsilon Phi Stickers & Decals are a popular gift for new initiates to the TEP brotherhood.

A sticker is one of the simplest yet most noticeable pieces of para you can buy. You can put it on the stuff you carry with you or decorate your dorm room mirror, dresser and desk with it. One of our hottest selling items is the Multi Greek Decal Sticker Sheet because it gives you many different options, including symbols and letters in various fonts.

If you drive, get a Long Window Decal for the back window of your car. It's sticky on the top so that it can easily be applied to the inside of the window. The Greek Letter Window Sticker Decal is another good choice for your vehicle. And the Euro Decal Oval Sticker is perfectly sized to fit on the cover of an iPad, Kindle or reader device.

We are fully stocked with Tau Epsilon Phi Stickers & Decals that you and your fellow chapter members can use on all of your favorite items, including your desk, electronics and even your car. Order as many as you need and take advantage of special pricing for large quantities!