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Tau Kappa Epsilon Alumni Graduation Stoles & Gifts

After 4 years of a textbook education and a social/professional/service education from being in a Greek organization, a TKE man can be confident in calling himself a worthy graduate. Celebrate all of the hard work your Tau Kappa Epsilon grad put in this year with Alumni and Graduation Gifts from Greek Gear.

Your recipient can create a collection of small Greek gifts that's all his own and store them in a Fraternity Keepsake Box. There's a box that comes imprinted with the word "Alumnus" at the bottom in capital letters beneath your coat of arms. Above the COA, add the full name of the graduate.

If you want to give a gift that's likely to be put to use the day after you give it, buy him a Fraternity Ring. One style looks just like the ring he probably received when he graduated from high school, so why not continue the tradition? And in advance of the ceremony, order him a Twill Lettered Greek Graduation Sash for TKE members. The letters are four inches tall so that they can be clearly seen in pictures, even from the bleachers.

When you put in your order for Tau Kappa Epsilon Alumni and Graduation Gifts, make sure you select the timeline for shipping your gift. If graduation day is approaching soon you might want to choose a rush option (added fee applies).