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Theta Chi Stickers & Decals

Theta Chi Stickers & Decals

For a little gift with big impact, get yourself or a Theta Chi member you know a few Car Stickers and Decals. They are perfectly sized to fit small electronics, books and more.

If you're charged with creating custom crafts for your big bros or new initiates and don't have a lot of time, it's a good idea to have plenty of fraternity stickers available. Order a stack of Multi Greek Decal Sticker Sheets and your gifts will be finished in no time. There is also a Crest Decal with 2 separate stickers that you can use to label your cell phone and iPad cover.

If you want to decorate your dorm room with Theta Chi para, stickers are a quick way to accomplish that goal. Just stick a Greek Letter Window Sticker Decal on your mirror, headboard or dresser drawer. You can also pick up a Long Window Decal to stick on the inside window of your car or truck as a way to let the whole campus know which fraternity you chose to join.

Get a bunch of Theta Chi Car Stickers and Decals and you'll get a welcome surprise when you check out. Quantity discounts apply for some items on this page.