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Theta Phi Alpha Key Rings & Keychains

One of the first items to buy for yourself when you join Theta Phi Alpha sorority is a Key Ring or Keychain. That's because this is an item that will be with you every day and is likely to stay with you for a long time -- even after you graduate.

If you want a chain that best fits the style of a professional and business-like lady like yourself, order the Crest Keyring. It's a metal decal made of pewter that is a discreet reminder of your sorority affiliation. Only members with a trained eye will notice the details. If you want a metal chain that more clearly identifies your sorority, get the Greek Letter Keyring instead.

Freshwomen are always on the go, and trying to get used to the college lifestyle. If you're giving a gift from this section to a brand new first year member, let it be the Theta Phi Alpha Lanyard. It's worn around the neck and designed to hook onto keys and ID wallets (see the Leatherette ID Key Holder). Newbies also like the Mascot Keychain that features an image of a happy penguin in the background.

Choose one of these "Ever Loyal, Ever Lasting" Theta Phi Alpha Key Rings and Keychains to put on your dorm room or car keys for the semester ahead. Take your time and explore the entire collection of merchandise that we offer at .