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Theta Phi Alpha Buttons, Pins & Magnets

For a special Theta Phi Alpha sorority gift that costs under $10, purchase Buttons, Pins and Magnets. Greek Gear offers a few products in this section that are priced at $5, $3 and even $2 in some cases.

If you're traveling to another school to attend a special event with your sisters, immediately identify yourself as a fellow member by wearing a Theta Phi Alpha Button Circle. It's the classic way to wear Greek paraphernalia -- a button on your sorority jacket or coat. An I Love Mini Sorority Button can be worn on a hat, t-shirt or a belt.

Buy yourself a button that features your penguin mascot. She looks like she's "getting jiggy with it," right above your Greek letters. Your sorority penguin mascot may be from a cold environment, but we also have a button that expresses just how hot your sorority is on campus. The Theta Phi Alpha It's Hot Button is stamped and underlined with the phrase "It's Hot" with an exclamation point at the end for emphasis.

Declare your dedication and love for Theta Phi Alpha with expressive and vibrant Buttons, Pins and Magnets from Greek Gear. Rush shipment items are available for some items -- see each product page.