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Theta Xi T-Shirts & Shirts

Theta Xi T-Shirts & Shirts

There's nothing quite like custom Greek shirts to fill up a college guy's wardrobe. Pair these Theta Xi T-Shirts with your blue jeans and you're pretty much all set for the entire school year.

A good T-shirt is something that's not only useful, it's also timeless. Years from now you'll probably still be putting your frat tee on while doing chores around the house or in your yard. One of the most purchased tees that fraternity guys go for is the Vintage Greek Line Tee. Chapters often buy this shirt in quantity for groups of new initiates.

Some of the shirts in this section are also ultra affordable; take the Whale Flag T-Shirt for $10. Beneath the friendly blue and silver whale is your fraternity name and 1864 establishment year. This is a good shirt for each existing member to wear during rush week. Scroll some more and you'll see that there are over a dozen custom screen-printed shirts in our collection for your to choose from.

Ordering unique Greek wearable merchandise is a cinch when you place your order at . Start with Theta Xi T-Shirts and then move onto other important items you'll likely need, including fraternity boxers, sportswear, robes and shoes (slippers and flip flops).