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Theta Xi Mugs, Cups & Glasses

Enjoy every last sip of your favorite coffee or morning beverages in Theta Xi Mugs, Cups and Glasses. Drinkware options range from distinguished-looking classic stein mugs to glassware that would look amazing in a display case.

You'll always know exactly which drink is yours when you have a Theta Xi Glass Stein. That's because you can have your name imprinted on the glass. Your housemates will think twice before "borrowing" your cup throughout the school year. It features an image of the organization's crest encircled by a silvery wreath. There's also a Glass Engraved Mug for sale on this page that can also be personalized with a name or brief message.

Coffee lover? There's a Nations Coffee Mug that could have your name written all over it. There's just something about having a mug made just for you. If you prefer to sip your java on the run, get a Travel Mug to bring with you on your way to class or work. Again, you'll see that it's imprinted with your fraternity information (including the 1864 year of establishment).

We're a top provide of glassware for top fraternities, including Theta Xi. Buy these Mugs, Cups and Glasses for men your own use, for fellow chapter members, for the entire house to use or as party favors to give out at your next affair.