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Triangle Fraternity Alumni, Graduation Stoles

Alumni have paid their dues both as fraternity members and college graduates who have successfully completed their studies. It's only right that they are gifted with quality, distinguished Triangle Fraternity Alumni and Graduation Gift from Greek Gear.
When you graduate from the college you've worked at for four years, it should be an extra special moment. Go to your ceremony with a Triangle Graduation Sash Stole proudly hung over your shoulders. Choose the stole and thread color, then add the custom text you want to show up on each sash end. If you prefer to create an exclusive sash, choose the Design Your Own link instead.
If you're a parent who will be making the much anticipated trip to your son's college campus for graduation day, order him a special fraternity gift, like a Greek Classic Wristwatch or ring. A Triangle Fraternity Briefcase Attache is going to come in handy when he has to report for his first day of work at his very first official job out of college.
Since 1907, Triangle Fraternity members have been fostering "personal growth and professional success" on college campuses across the country. This is where you'll find distinctive and memorable Alumni and Graduation Gifts for members.