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Zeta Phi Beta Footwear

We're happy to be able to provide the finer women of Zeta Phi Beta with top quality Greek merchandise, including blue and white Flip Flops, Slippers and sandals. See what we currently have in stock for Zetas.

It you have a step show coming up this spring, start planning your outfit today. Start with a pair of Monogram Natalie Sandals. You'll love the way they look with a white peasant dress or a pair of relaxed fitting khaki pants. If the show is happening in the fall, you might want to order a pair of Zeta Phi Beta Monogram Brooklyn Boots instead. They are fashionable black leather-like boots that you can wear over a pair of jeans.

Some members like our Rubber Clogs because they need a sturdy pair of shoes for certain activities. They're popular with nurses and chefs. The pair that we sell comes in blue with your letters imprinted on the side. If you prefer to leave your toes out, get a pair of Mascot Color Flip Flops. They're custom-made with a decorative image of Zeta doves flying across a royal blue sky.

You will be the best dressed Zeta on campus while representing your organization when you wear our Greek Gear, including Flip Flops and Slippers for Zeta Phi Beta members.