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Zeta Phi Beta Loungewear

Being a member of Zeta Phi Beta requires a lot of time, enthusiasm and love for your community. What about when you are ready to relax, step out of the public eye, and settle in for a night of binge-watching shows or cramming for exams? With Zeta loungewear from Greek Gear, you can find comfy clothes that show how near and dear ZphiB is to your heart.

Robes for the Zeta Girl

We bet you've looked for cute Zeta robes and pajamas, and your search led you to our website. Good for you! You have found the best way to wear your colors, even from the privacy of your bed.

We have fluffy, plush bathrobes with detail over the left breast featuring your choice of Greek letters or a patch. Choose the color of your robe, the shade of your embroidery thread and even a hood. We're sure you will stick with dove white or royal blue, but it's nice to know you have options. You'll love wrapping yourself in this warm robe to walk down the hall after a shower or when you are not sure what to wear to the next chapter meeting.

ZphiB Jammies for the Win

Pair your full-length robe with plaid pajama bottoms in Zeta blue and white. Our 100% cotton flannel PJ pants feature bold Greek letters running vertically on the left pants legs. Zetas love our pajama bottoms because they get softer with every wash, and they are the perfect accessory for online classes and tests.

After you've picked up some fly Zeta loungewear, be sure to shop the rest of our collection of Zeta clothing, jewelry, gifts and more. Greek Gear may not have been around since the 1920s like Zeta Phi Beta, but we have provided Greek life with the best selection of fraternity and sorority products since 1999. Check back often to see what's new for yourself or one of your Zeta sisters.