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Zeta Phi Beta Car Merchandise & License Plates

It must be so exciting to be a proud member of the blue and white family! Everywhere you visit or travel, let the world and fellow BGLO Greeks know the Zetas are in town! Check out this section listing Zeta Phi Beta Car Merchandise, including license plate frames and covers. You'll be impressed by the variety of car related items we have in store for the Finer Women of Z Phi B.

The classic license plate frame for Greek will always be popular and in high demand, because it's relatively discreet yet will make it easy for your sorority sisters and fraternity brothers to know you're a family member. The top panel is imprinted with your letters and the bottom spells out your sorority name in bold letters. Another option is the round car badge, which can be mounted on your bumper or somewhere inside of your car. The LED Car Door Light Set is another interesting item for your vehicle.

Mirrored plates are a must if you want to add some shine and glimmer to your car, and all you need is a few screws to put it on. One style features your founding year, while another declares "Z Phi!" They are both top sellers. Keep in mind that you have to be a one plate state to use a mirrored sorority plate for Zetas on the front end of your car.

Picture yourself rolling down the streets of your college campus, downtown, and on road trips with your sorority sisters with these Zeta Phi Beta car decals and license plate frames on your vehicle. Everyone will know that you are true blue!