Alpha Chi Omega Umbrellas & Outdoor Items

The first day back at school is the first day back to fun. Go back to your college campus prepared for good times with your sorority sisters with Alpha Chi Omega Recreational and Seasonal Items.

Do you need an idea for rush week fun? Buy a bunch of red and white Poker Chips. Although they're normally used in card games, they can also be used as chips to redeem prizes at parties and special events hosted by your sorority. Each set of chips can be personalized with the chapter or event name and used as memorabilia or a party favor.

If you played basketball in high school, order a mini Basketball Hoop to keep on the back of your door. Whenever you have a study break, play a game to see how many tosses you and your roommate can make -- the winner enjoys free pizza. If your chapter has a pool table in the basement, replace the white cue ball that came with it with an A Chi O Cue Ball from Greek Gear.

The choice of Alpha Chi Omega Recreational and Seasonal Items will likely change and rotate over time, so be sure to snap up what you need for yourself and your chapter today.