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Alpha Chi Rho Stickers & Decals

An economical way to create everyday paraphernalia is to order Alpha Chi Rho Stickers and Decals. They're small stickers that are all less than the size of a sheet of paper -- perfect for your notebooks and electronic devices.
Even putting a very small fraternity decal on something that you use or carry every day can make a huge impact. One day you're sitting in class and a potential interest sees a colorful Greek decal on your notebook. A conversation begins and the rest is history. The Crest Decal is a perfect sticker for a notebook, portfolio or binder.
If you have a car, we have a Long Window Decal that's sized just right to stretch across the back window. It's mirrored so that it can go on the inside and spell out your full fraternity name in red and white. Some people like to place a sticker on the outside of the passenger or driver side car door window -- the Euro Decal Oval Sticker is designed for use on an auto or truck.
The ultimate gift under $10 (some under $5) is an Alpha Chi Rho Sticker or Decal. Keep in mind that the price per sheet drops even lower when you order more than one at a time.