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Alpha Delta Pi Christmas Ornaments & Gifts

As soon as Halloween and pumpkin spice season rolls around, it's time to start planning your order of Alpha Delta Pi Christmas Ornaments and holiday merchandise. Can't you already smell all the smells, hear the jingle bells, and see the leaves blowing in the air? Let Greek Gear help you and your sorority sisters get ready for the holiday season.

The great thing about an ornament is that you can hang it everywhere -- not just on Christmas trees. You can hang them from your windows at the chapter house, from your door at your dorm, or you can even wear it as a necklace if you want. It's your jingle bell world. Thankfully we have a wide selection of ornaments for you to pick from that allow you to simultaneously represent ADPi while celebrating the holidays. Some come imprinted with your crest and Greek letters, while others can be customized with names and dates.

Another popular Christmas item in the Greek Gear collection is the Christmas stocking for Alpha Delta Pi members. These cheery stockings can be hung from the mantle at your chapter house representing each member. Maybe you and your Alpha Delta Pi sisters like to sing Christmas carols along sorority and fraternity row during the holiday and you want to wear matching outfits. Each of you can wear an Ugly Christmas Sweater made just for ADPi members, complete with reindeer and tacky holiday decor.

Greek Gear is here for you in every season throughout the year. Buy plenty of Alpha Delta Pi Christmas Ornaments and merchandise to make this upcoming holiday season brighter for you and your sisters!