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Alpha Epsilon Phi Drinkware & Glassware

Enjoy your coffee, tea, hot cocoa and cold beverages in Alpha Epsilon Phi Drinkware and Glasses from Greek Gear. We have many cups in stock and one purpose -- to provide you with the very best Greek merchandise for your sorority lifestyle.

Choose the ideal cup from this section depending on what's your favorite beverage. For instance, if it's apple juice, get a Polka Dot Tumbler. It's just the right shade of green, is imprinted with a happy image of giraffe and is just the right size to get your fill of apple juice in the morning. If you're a coffee or tea nut who doesn't always have the time to sit down and relax with a mug in the morning, invest in the AEPhi Monogram KONG Vacuum Insulated Tumbler. Your coffee will stay hot throughout your first morning class.

If OJ is your beverage of choice, pick up a Tervis Tumbler. It's clear so that you can see your orange juice and know that it's nice and cold. An oval shaped polka dot emblem appears on the front of this clear sorority cup that contains your letters in a bold shade of green.

As you can see, you can buy Alpha Epsilon Phi Drinkware and Glasses for both in the home and when traveling. Search for all of your domestic dorm room needs.