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Alpha Epsilon Phi Paddles

Here's a gift idea that will surprise the Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority girl who you know: Paddles and Picture Frames engraved with her name. There's a very good chance that the gift you give her from this section will be the first of its kind that she receives.

She ought to be in pictures... picture frames from Greek Gear that is. Photos don't have much impact when they're hidden on a hard drive or smartphone -- bring them out for the world to see. Put one of her best photos in a pretty green Mascot Color Picture Frame. Her face will be surrounded by her Greek letters in a bubble font, name and a cute giraffe. The Vintage Paper Picture Frame is a more classical frame that's just as beautiful in shades of green.

We sell a Custom Full Color Paddle for Alpha Epsilon Phi members that's perfectly designed with green and white insignia. One of the column symbols is featured in the background and you get to add up to three lines of personalized text, such as "Multa Corda, Una Causa," the school chapter name and the giftee's name. There's also a Custom Paddle made of wood that has customization options.

People love two things: hearing their names and seeing their most flattering photos. Some of these Alpha Epsilon Phi Paddles and Picture Frames incorporate both details. Take your time and find the ideal gift for your AEPhi family member or friend.