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Alpha Epsilon Phi Umbrellas & Outdoor Items

You're bound to find something you're interested in when you browse our Alpha Epsilon Phi Recreational and Seasonal Items. The array of product choices is unmatched -- it includes merchandise you can wear and items you will find useful.

It's important to do well in school, and it's just as important to have as much fun as possible. One way that some members like to unwind is with a relaxing game of golf at a nearby country club. We sell a number of AEPhi golfing products, including a set of custom-imprinted white golf balls and a towel to keep you dry and comfortable.

For days when you think it might rain, bring a Lettered Umbrella with you. It's made with alternating green and white panels -- one is imprinted with your Greek letters. Another style has black and white panels and an image of the AEPhi crest instead. If you know it's going to be a sunny day from sunrise to sunset, put on a pair of colorful Wayfarer Style Lens Sunglasses.

Throw down your sorority "flag" and claim your area when you're out with your Alpha Epsilon Phi sisters by bringing plenty of pretty green and white Recreational and Seasonal Items. More products to come!