Alpha Gamma Delta Bags & Totes

The type of bag that you take to your college classes and lectures matters. Choose one that's just right for your needs from our inventory of Alpha Gamma Delta Bags and Totes.

Do you have an after school work study job or internship? Any old bag just won't do, especially if it's worn down from wear and tear. Go to work looking professional and prepared with an Emblem Briefcase. It's the classic bag for carrying a laptop, but during school hours you can fill it with textbooks for class. It comes in both green and red with a crest patch on the front flap. When you're ready to kick it up to the next level, see the Crest Briefcase Attaché (also makes a good travel bag).

The days of carrying your lunch to school may be few and far in between now that you have a college meal plan, but if it's limited get a Lunch Cooler Bag for your sandwiches and juices. It has multiple compartments so that you can categorize your food and drinks, keeping them cold and fresh until you're ready to eat. Bring it along for romantic picnics with your boyfriend or for camping with friends.

Going back to school is such an exciting time. Make sure that you're fully prepared with all the supplies that you need, including Alpha Gamma Delta Bags and Totes.