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Alpha Kappa Delta Phi Drinkware & Glassware

You'll love having alpha Kappa Delta Phi Glasses, Mugs, Cups and Drinkware nearby when you're up late at night studying. Especially when you see the beautiful embellishments and designs on the ones we sell at .

You probably go through loads of disposable cups during the course of a year, including the ones you get from the coffee shop. Help the environment by enjoying your beverages, hot and cold, from one or more of the reusable cups and glasses we sell here. You can store them in your dorm room -- it takes minutes to rinse them out each morning for the day.

If your drink of choice when studying is a hot cup of coffee, see the alpha Kappa Delta Phi Coffee Mug. It comes in white with a beautiful purple crest emblem on the front. We can add your name below the emblem in an Olde English font style. If you prefer a large cup of iced tea, get a Glass Engraved Mug. It's a refreshing way to enjoy a cold beverage when you're hitting the books.

Buy Greek cups to pay homage to the sorority you've joined that has four Greek letters. Order your alpha Kappa Delta Phi Glasses, Cups and Drinkware from Greek Gear for a great deal.