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Alpha Kappa Lambda Holiday & Christmas Ornaments

Being an Alpha Kappa Lambda around the holidays is extra special when you decorate your chapter house for the season with Holiday Gifts and Christmas Ornaments from Greek Gear.
The Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt is not so ugly after all. It's actually pretty cool, with its purple and gold holiday design. Happy reindeer and snowflakes galore. It comes in three different colors and is available in multiple XL sizes. There's also a matching long-sleeve tee that you can wear to bed. This section also features a few different types of ornaments, including glass and ceramic styles. If you have a fun or special picture that you love, you can upload it to the DYO Christmas Ornaments tool.
A nice gift is something that comes from the heart -- it's the thought that counts after all. You can find a lot of thoughtful holiday gifts in the Sale Items and Awesome Deals section for Alpha Kappa Lambda members. Ideas range from jewelry and ties to blankets and towels in a wide variety of colors or styles.
Once you order your Alpha Kappa Lambda Holiday Gifts and Christmas Ornaments, all you have left on your list of things to buy is wrapping paper and bows. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!