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Alpha Kappa Lambda Stickers & Decals

Yes, we have inexpensive gifts for Alpha Kappa Lambda members for less than $5. Many of our Stickers and Decals fit the bill and will be of great use to you during the semester.
There are a few items that you carry with you everywhere you go -- that list may include your cellphone, iPad, wallet and writing journal. Spruce each item up with a colorful AKL sticker. The Color Oval Decal is an emblem sticker that's about 5 inches wide. It will look perfect at the center or corner of your iPad cover. The organization's crest is pictured in the background of this purple decal with the 1914 establishment year and letters in the foreground.
Some customers prefer the Flag Decal Sticker -- it's gold on top and purple on the bottom, crest on top, letters below. Get this sticker for your school books. And if you're getting prepared for Independence Day, get a set of American Flag Greek Letter stickers in various sizes to apply to your party tables and supplies.
Stick with Greek Gear and you'll always have very affordable gifts at your fingertips, like these Alpha Kappa Lambda Stickers and Decals. Bookmark this page, and see our Sale Items section for more products you might like.