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Alpha Phi Omega Mugs, Cups & Glasses

This category of Alpha Phi Omega Mugs, Cups and Glasses is a favorite destination for members. It's full of wonderful gift ideas and useful items for your time spent away at school.

Here's a heads up -- keep a close eye on the Greek Bistro Mug or else the next thing you know your roommate will have it on his side of the room. It's a coffee house mug for fraternity members that's personalized with your organization name and a couple of words of your choosing. You can add a phrase like "Be of Service," the date when you became an official member or your title if you're on the board (for ex. Prez or VP).

Give your favorite alum or outgoing senior a special glass to take home to her apartment. The Glass Stein is distinctive enough to put inside of a case or on a display shelf in a dining room. Add the recipient name along with a "Thank You" message and it will be a gift that she'll never forget.

Give the gift of practicality -- buy your favorite Alpha Phi Omega member Mugs, Cups and Glasses to use while away at school or after graduation. Also see the "Awesome Deals" page before you check out for one-time discounts on specialty items.