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Alpha Phi Omega Umbrellas & Golf Items

Everyone needs to make a little time for recreation -- even if you're a super student. These Alpha Phi Omega Recreational and Golf Items will help you and your brothers really let your hair down.

A healthy dose of recreation is good for both the body and the mind -- especially when you have as much work as the average college student does on his plate every day. Set aside some much needed time to shoot a few holes at your local golf course. Load up your bag with Greek Lettered or Crest Golf Balls for Alpha Phi Omega members. We also sell a Golf Towel that's designed to hook to your bag or inside of your locker.

You can even have a little bit of fun in your dorm room with a few of the items on this page. Order a set of Poker Chips so that you and your roommate can play games of chance on your down time or a Mini Basketball Hoop. Keep score -- whoever makes the most baskets during the week wins free pizza from the other.

A wise person once said "Recreation's purpose is...not to offer an escape from life, but to provide a discovery of life." Let that thought inspire you today to order Alpha Phi Omega Recreational and Golf Items for you and your fellow chapter members to enjoy.