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Alpha Phi Umbrellas & Outdoor Items

When you close those books for the week and let your hair down on Friday, it's finally time to grab your Alpha Phi Recreational and Seasonal Items for the weekend ahead. Time to celebrate and have a good time!

Recreating with friends is invigorating and exciting -- it helps you get mentally prepared for the school week to come. That's why we've set aside this section of our site to help motivate you and your sisters to plan as many fun activities as possible this year.

One of the most popular pastimes for sorority members is heading out to the park for a bonfire, BBQ or picnic. You can set up a table and pull out a Poker Set for a card game, put on an apron and start grilling, or lay out on a sorority towel under the shade of a tree. You can even bring the chapter dog along with you, and ensure that she stays close to your group by outfitting her with a pretty Alpha Phi Dog Collar.

The first free weekend of the school year will be here soon. Order new Alpha Phi Recreational and Seasonal Items right away to help make back to school more enjoyable for you and your sisters.