Alpha Sigma Alpha Sale Items

Spend some time browsing our Alpha Sigma Alpha Closeouts and Sale Items and you're sure to find something that tickles your fancy. Especially considering that there are dozens of reasonably priced products at your fingertips.

Every sorority girl in college needs at least one white sorority tee, whether you use it for gym workouts or just as a quick shirt to pull on for lunch at the school's dining hall. The Love Mascot T-Shirt is a cheap rush tee that highlights your sorority colors and includes an image of Dot the Ladybug. The Love Life Tee is similarly priced and emphasizes your sorority name in bold red retro letters.

New initiates want to get their hands onto as much Greek para as they can get -- even if it's just a few pens. That's why a Sister Set Gift Bag is a good present for a parent or friend to give. The contents of the bag may vary, but usually it will contain a cup, writing utensils and stickers. These are items that she can store on her desk or night table, and use to decorate school books.

Order a bag full of Alpha Sigma Alpha Closeouts and Sale Items today, and then look forward to receiving your Greek Gear box in the mail. In addition to good pricing, we also have low-cost U.S. ground shipping.