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Alpha Sigma Phi Desk & Office Items

If you're a member of a fraternity and you don't have at least one piece of paraphernalia on your desk or in your office yet, you came to the right place. This section of is dedicated to Desk and Office Items for Alpha Sigma Phi members.

You'll find something just right here, whether you prefer something small and understated for your office or something that everyone who enters will notice right away. For instance, the Wooden Pen Set is a small box engraved with the Alpha Sig fraternal crest, name and a space for your first and last name that you can pull out whenever you need to sign something important. The Keepsake Box is engraved with all of your fraternity info -- make room for it at a corner of your desk to hold small important items.

Other items to consider are the Business Card Holder and Hard Mousepad -- both displaying your Greek letters. We also have more engraved desk items for you to choose from, like the Desk Clock and beautiful wooden or silver Picture Frames.

You're sure to find the right Alpha Sigma Phi Desk and Office Items in this section of our site. Also, keep this page bookmarked just in case you have an upcoming ceremony or occasion to give gifts to upperclassmen, soon-to-be graduates or alumni members.