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Alpha Sigma Phi Stickers & Decals

Alpha Sigma Phi Stickers and Decals are consistently among our top sellers at because they are so easy to use and work just about anywhere! Some of these decals are made to display in your car windows while others can be placed on your favorite items, including electronics and books.

The stickers and decals you'll find in this section are imprinted with your full fraternity name, letters or symbols. For example, the Euro Decal Oval Sticker features your Greek letters and full fraternity name at the center of an oval -- perfect for sticking on the front of your iPad or cellphone case. The Long Window Decal is designed with letters outlined in cardinal red. Stick it on the inside back window of your car so that everyone on the road will know you're a proud Alpha Sig.

If you want to have plenty of decals for the chapter to use in promotions and at events the future, get a few Multi Greek Decal Sticker Sheets -- one sheet contains various styles of the full Alpha Sig name, various ASP Greek letters and an image of the fraternal crest. The Water Slide Decal also has two separate decals that you can apply to just about any surface you want.

Stock up on Alpha Sigma Phi Stickers and Decals today for your own personal collection, for the current chapter's needs and for the future. The prices are already low, and get even better when you order some decal styles in bulk (2 or more sheets).