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Alpha Sigma Tau Signs & Flags

Get into the habit of shopping at Greek Gear for all manner of sorority merchandise, including Alpha Sigma Tau Flags, Signs and Banners. We have a few new items and of course some classics that chapters order year after year.

You need a special flag to take your first Instagram pic of the semester with your sorority sisters. Try the Chevron Flag, which comes with patterned letters. The Big Greek Letter Flag has a similar style and size with bold golden letters. After you're finished taking pictures, these flags will look great hanging in front of your house when you're throwing parties or barbecues.

Let every guest to your dorm room know that they're entering the room of a proud AST by putting a Wall Pennant on your door. It features a seal that contains an anchor and the sorority founding year of 1899. Pick up a 3 x 5 Floral Flag for the recreation room in your chapter house -- it will add color and character.

This section is one of the most visited for Alpha Sigma Tau members because Flags, Signs and Banners are always needed for recruiting, parties and charity initiatives. Also see the "For Your Event" category on the main menu for big and little gifts, party favors and more.