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Alpha Sigma Tau Buttons, Pins & Magnets

One thing that you can be sure of when you visit Greek Gear is that you'll have something new, colorful and interesting to shop for. Give our selection of Alpha Sigma Tau Buttons, Pins and Magnets a spin.

You're not just 100 percent Alpha Sigma Tau -- it's more like 110 percent. The 110% Sorority Button is a pretty gold and green button that's perfect for parties. It's also 110 percent affordable at around $3 per button. The same is true for the I Love Mini Sorority Button, which features a red heart representing your love for your organization.

For a button that's a little bit larger, order the Button Circle. It looks more like a badge with its simple symmetrical design. Your Greek letters are inset inside of an emerald green circle and surrounded by the full sorority name in a typewriter font. You can also show the world how much you're "anchored" to your organization by ordering the three-piece Button Set. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Load up on Alpha Sigma Tau Buttons, Pins and Magnets in advance of rush week so that each chapter member will have at least one bit of "flair" to wear. Also see our selection of formal and party favors for AST members.