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Alpha Sigma Tau Stickers & Decals

Buy Alpha Sigma Tau gifts here at Greek Gear including Stickers and Decals for your car and dorm room. Stickers are the easiest way to decorate your surroundings when you're away at school.

Want a fun weekend project? Grab a few different sticker styles and create a sorority craft project. For example, you might create a sorority canvas with AST art along with a Floral Greek Monogram Sticker at the center, 3 inches tall. It's the perfect centerpiece, like a bouquet of flowers at the center of a table. Keep in mind that we sell sorority canvases here at Greek Gear that you can customize.

These decals are also nice for adding color around your dorm room. The Mascot Round Decal is an emerald green and gold circle-shaped sticker that features an image of an anchor at the center, an important symbol of your sorority. The red white and blue American Flag Greek Heart Shaped Decal is a nice addition to your car window. Keep plenty of these stickers in a drawer so that you can use them at your whim.

For an expenditure of under $5 you can have one of these amazing Alpha Sigma Tau Stickers and Decals, and other affordable gifts from Greek Gear. See the full selection of items on the main menu.