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Top Selling Alpha Sigma Tau Items

Top Selling Alpha Sigma Tau Items

It's common for sorority customers to ask about our Top Selling Items. These are the products that are most appealing to Alpha Sigma Tau members who visit our site.

If you need something to wear to your weekend game days with the girls and boys, buy yourself a Game Day Billboard Jersey. It can be ordered in forest green, lime/Maui TieDye, white, heather gray and several other attractive colors. For the best contrast, go for a dark green sorority jersey with light green or white letters or a white jersey with Kelly green letters. It'll be clear to everyone in attendance who you're cheering for both on and off the field.

Adorn your neck with an Alpha Sigma Tau Jewelry Lavaliere on your next date. It's a simple and discreet yet noticeable way to identify your sorority affiliation and it may even inspire a great conversation. For your dorm room, buy an AST Discount Paddle, visit your local craft shop and have fun decorating it to your liking. One idea is to lean it up against the wall next to the rest of your Greek paraphernalia.

We welcome our top customers (that's you!) to browse our Top Selling Alpha Sigma Tau Items. There's sorority merchandise here from most categories, including apparel, picture frames, small trinkets and recreational goods.