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Alpha Tau Omega Stickers & Decals

You don't need much of a reason to place an order for these Alpha Tau Omega Stickers and Decals. They are just good to have on hand in your dorm room or when planning important fraternity recruitment events.

Members often use fraternity stickers to create gifts or instructional materials for the newest pledge class. For example, you might get each prospective a notebook with an ATO Crest Decal on the cover to use when journaling or studying. The Euro Decal Oval Sticker can be applied to a folder containing pertinent info about the fraternity to pass out at chapter meetings and informationals.

Stickers can also be used for decorating around the dorm or chapter house. Buy a Multi Greek Decal Sticker Sheet and you'll have over a dozen decals that you can put on mirrors, books, electronic covers, bags, desks and anything else you use on a regular basis. The Long Window Decal and Greek Letter Window Sticker Decal are designed for placement on the inside windows of your car or truck.

Keep a few of these Alpha Tau Omega Stickers and Decals on hand at all times. Chances are you're going to need them for one or more occasions this semester.