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Alpha Xi Delta Jackets & Coats

Alpha Xi Delta Jackets & Coats

Your well-being, general protection and comfort is at the top of your personal priority list. Invest in Alpha Xi Delta Jackets and Outerwear so that all three are covered when the weather outside isn't quite as sunny and temperate as you'd like it to be.

You can count on season long weather protection when you're wearing the New Englander Circle Monogram Rain Coat. It has a waterproof exterior and woven lining for added strength, yet it's not bulky or thick. You can get away with wearing this attractive jacket, which comes in buttercup yellow and a number of other soft colors, throughout the late fall and early winter.

If you're still dealing with pleasant weather but just need a light jacket just in case of rainfall, get the Pack-N-Go Pullover. It's a must if you like to camp or hike, or if you want to go to the shore even on a borderline beach day. See the array of color choices, including dark navy blue, aqua and stone.

Let us help you get properly geared up for the fall or winter with Alpha Xi Delta Jackets and Outerwear. Greek Gear specializes in sorority apparel, including the items you need when adventuring throughout the Great Outdoors.