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Alpha Xi Delta Blankets, Pillows & Home Goods

If you've just learned where you'll be dorming this semester, put Alpha Xi Delta Blankets and Home Goods on your Greek Gear wish list right away. We can ship it directly to your new address on campus.

The more you get settled into and snuggled up in the Sweatshirt Blanket, the more likely you are to nod off into a 40 minute nap while you're studying. You need those power naps to recharge at times, so get a few of these portable and comfortable sorority blankets. It comes in a selection of colors, including blue as shown, and the Alpha Xi Delta crest logo is positioned at the corner.

Other sorority home goods available for A-Xi-D members include pillowcases, tablecloths and even laundry bags. One must-buy if you're in a house full of girls who like to stay up for late nights is the set of sorority Cookie Cutters for members. You'll soon see how quickly a simple idea like baking cookies can become a cookie party and Instagram adventure.

When you load up on Alpha Xi Delta Blankets and Home Goods, every time your guests enter your dorm they'll be surrounded by blue and gold decor. Your vision is inspiring women, and ours is to inspire you with quality paraphernalia and sorority merchandise.