Beta Theta Pi Desk & Office Items

If all you have on your desk is a lamp and a laptop, it's time to add something new. Start with Beta Theta Pi Desk and Office Items from Greek Gear.

It doesn't matter if your desk is made of expensive solid mahogany wood or plastic, you will find something useful in this section of There are distinctive and memorable items here, as well as a few things that you'll probably just need for a semester or two at school. This is the place to shop if you are (or are friends with) a guy who spends a lot of time working and handling business.

To make your desk look more professional while having a constant reminder of your Beta membership, get a Marble Paperweight. It's engraved with the circular BTP logo and has an option to add custom text to the bottom. If you prefer something more colorful and fun, get a blue Hard Mousepad to use with your laptop or desktop PC.

There is sure to be a thing or two you like for your office in this section of . Beta Theta Pi Desk and Office Items also make amazing gifts for special BTP alum and upcoming graduates.