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Blank Greek Paddles For Decorating

Blank Greek Paddles For Decorating

Flex your creative muscles and create a special custom gift using Blank Paddles for Decorating. Paddles are considered one of the top gifts you can give to a member of a Greek lettered organization.

This section contains all of your choices if you're crafty and like to create your own paddle designs. For a classic choice, pick the Blank Deluxe or Giant Blank Greek Paddle. They are solid high quality pieces of wood that can be decorated with colored stickers, rhinestones and applique letters. If you want a lighter canvas, pick the Blank Light Wood Paddle.

Some members prefer a paddle or plaque shaped like their fraternity or sorority symbols, like the Crescent Moon or Dove. They make perfect decorative Greek gifts that will look amazing hanging above a bed or in the main room of your chapter house.

We carry a variety of predesigned paddles here at, but if you want something all your own, order Blank Paddles for Decorating. You can order them with or without a leather strap for hanging on your wall. We also have a selection of decals and stickers made just for your organization. Let the Greek Gear team know if you have questions about placing at paddle order.